What is Black Esquire®?

Black Esquire® provides opportunities and resources to equip current and future BIPOC legal professionals to achieve the level of success they deserve.

Our mission is to increase diversity and the BIPOC lawyer representation in the legal profession.

Currently 85% of lawyers in the U.S. are white, while only 5% of lawyers in the U.S. are Black and only 1.98% of lawyers are Black women. 


I am a Black female lawyer, so I know first-hand that the “Black Esquire Experience” is different. I started Black Esquire® because I was tired of seeing people who looked like me struggling on their legal journeys.

Black Esquire® is all about using your value to leverage it into successful legal careers. Through guidance, education, and support, Black Esquire® will provide you the tools you need to succeed.

Black Esquire®