About Aigné

Attorney Aigné Goldsby is the Founder of Black Esquire® and Goldsby Law, PLLC. She attended Bryn Mawr College before graduating from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2016.

Throughout her legal career, Attorney Goldsby has gained extensive experience in pretrial and trial proceedings. She has taken and defended over two hundred depositions and completed four jury trials to verdict. Attorney Goldsby’s clients have included insurance companies, healthcare providers, municipalities, product manufacturers, and school districts.

Attorney Goldsby started Black Esquire® in 2018 because she wanted to help increase diversity in the legal profession. She was tired of seeing up and coming lawyers who looked like her struggle on their legal journeys.

She has since expanded her services to become The VALUE Coach - helping all professionals elevate their careers. As The VALUE Coach, Aigné is a speaker and engages in diversity, equity and inclusion consulting.