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Law school and career coaching for future lawyers.

Becoming a lawyer is hard.

It’s even harder when you’re stepping into a world that feels like it wasn’t meant for you to succeed.

  • Know you want to be a lawyer but not sure if you can do it?
  • Overwhelmed with the law school application process?
  • Low LSAT score keeping you up at night?
  • Being told you "don't look like a lawyer" or don't belong?

You don't have to go it alone anymore.

You've got this.

Join a community of other aspiring law professionals in the Black Esquire community.

Monthly Meetups

Enjoy the company of other Pre-Law and Law students on a mission to become powerhouse lawyers who make a difference. Bring your struggles, your victories, and your dreams as we build each other up in our group chat and monthly meet-ups.

Law School Coaching

Whether you're a Pre-Law or Law student, you'll get where you want to go with Black Esquire Law School Coaching. Includes law school applications, diversity statements, mock interviews, and more.

VALUE Coaching

As The VALUE Coach, I help you communicate your value to get where you want to go in your life and career. You'll get everything you need to succeed - include resume reviews, mentorship, and career consulting.

Do you remember the day you decided to be a lawyer?

It’s exciting (and a little scary), isn’t it? You feel like you’ve finally found your purpose. YOUR way of bringing value into the world around you.

But when you looked out into the world you were about to step into, I bet you felt alone. “There’s no one here who looks like me.” You could have turned around. But instead you said “I’m gonna do it anyway."

I’ve been where you’re at - on the edge of a career that makes you excited to get out of bed every morning. And you know what? I made it happen. I learned to use my voice to advocate for others.

Now, I’m on a mission to help other women and BIPOC professionals become powerhouse lawyers who make an impact. Every day, I step into my world with purpose, knowing I’m doing what God put me here to do.

And I can help you do the same.

Aigné S.Goldsby, Esq.

Founder, Black Esquire

Aigné is thorough and resourceful when it comes to business. She creates such authentic connections with clients and she makes every minute you spend with her count.

She's super efficient, and everything she's taught me has proven to be successful for me. I highly recommend her to other pre-law students! 

Kevin Thomas

Pre-Law Student

Become the lawyer you're meant to be.

Here's how:
1. Join the Powerhouse Lawyers Club

In this FREE group you'll get encouraged and inspired by other up-and-coming lawyers, and get practical teaching from Aigné each month.

2. Schedule a Chat

As a member of the Powerhouse Lawyers Club, you get a free 30-minute ask-all-your-questions hangout with Aigné. If it’s helpful, you can work together 1-on-1 to get you where you want to go.

3. Become a Powerhouse Lawyer

Backed by a community of aspiring lawyers like you, you'll step out in confidence and become a lawyer that makes an impact.

Law School Coaching with Aigne

I've been where you're at - standing on the edge of the career you've always wanted. Ready to step out and make an impact.

Now, that's what I do every day. I've taken and defended over two hundred depositions and completed four jury trials to verdict.

My clients have included insurance companies, healthcare providers, municipalities, product manufacturers, and school districts.

I want to help you do more than just make it through law school - I want to help you to dominate the classroom AND the courtroom.

Law School Applications

Law school applications can be overwhelming. We’ll create a plan to make it easy and empowering.

Personal Statements

Personal Statement = Personal Story. Share your VALUE so schools know you’re right for them.

Diversity Statements

Stand out with a Diversity Statement that shows how your identity adds value to the law school classroom.


Overcome objections and answer questions with an addendum that serves as your best advocate.

Law School Studying

I'll help you get organized, keep your sanity during exams, and maximize your study time with study coaching.

Mock Interviews

You can go to school all you want but it doesn’t matter if you don’t get a job! We’ll help you crush your interviews for law school, internships, and jobs.

Resume Reviews

Stand out from the dreaded pile of resumes by showing off your experience and identity.

Cover Letter Reviews

Understand the specific requirements of every position to create a cover letter that communicates the value you bring to each position.

What other students are saying:

Welton Williams

Pre-law student

"I worked with Aigné on my personal statement and have am happy to recommend her. Aigné pays great attention to details and is professional.

I'm confident Aigné can help anyone, no matter where they are in the application process."

“Going into my 1L year my nerves were high. Aigné immediately set me at ease. 

She gave me a ton of practical tools for success - making a schedule, briefing cases, respond to exam questions. Working with her has really given me a leg up with note taking and case briefing. 

Aigné is always patient with my worries of law school, and answers my millions of questions!

I highly recommend her services to anyone who is preparing for the LSAT or getting ready to begin school. Not only is Ms. Goldsby full of knowledge and passion for helping others, she is a very personable individual and an amazing resource to have.”


Law Student

Free Courses & resources

Free Stuff for Students 🎉

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  • Top 10 Law School Application Mistakes
  • Legal Writing Tips for Lawyers
  • Presenting Your Best Self While Interviewing and Networking
  • Tips for Success in Virtual Law School
  • 5 Keys to Law School Admission
  • How Long You Actually Need to Study for the LSAT
  • Estate Planning in the Black Community
  • 101 Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers!) About Law School
  • Black Hair in the Legal Profession
  • Personal Statement Outline Worksheet
  • How to Craft Your VALUE Statement Workbook

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